ATLAS LED Linijinis Reguliuojamos Baltos Šviesos Šviestuvas 8-72W

MAXFlux ATLAS (Tunable white) LED linear luminaires offer significant cost savings compared to traditional fluorescent or luminescence luminaires. The advantage of the tunable white luminaires is that a customer can control the intensity and temperature of the white color in order to get the required effect of the lighting. The efficacy of the complete system is up to 200 lm / W. Instead of using the diffusors ATLAS luminaires use LEDIL Florence 1-R lenses which not only provide better efficacy but also allows to select the lighting pattern which is most suitable for a specific setting.

ATLAS luminaires use either Osram or Casambi control systems, which allow to control the lighting via physical dials or smart mobile applications.

Key advantage of the tunable white luminaires is that they can emit any temperature of the white color spectrum, which helps to relief the stress for people during the working day by mimicking the natural shift of color produced by the sun. Also a specific temperature of the white spectrum can be selected in order to achieve a required effect on humans such as better concentration, increased productivity or relaxation.


  • University or school lighting
  • Conference room lighting
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Office lighting
  • Commercial premise lighting

Papildoma informacija


600 / 1200 / 1500 mm (galimi ir kiti ilgiai)

Šviesos srautas

1,600 – 12,000 lm


8 W – 72 W

Šviestuvo efektyvumas

185 lm / W

Tarnavimo laikotarpis

100,000 h (L90B10)

Lęšių tipai

30° / 60° / 90° / Sienų apšvietimui / Lentynų apšvietimui / Dvigubų lentynų apšvietimui / Koridorių / Asimetriniai

Spalvos temperatūra

Reguliuojama nuo 2,700 K iki 6,500 K

Spalvų atgavimo indeksas (CRI)

70 (Galimi 80 / 90)

Apsaugos nuo aplinkos poveiklio klasė

IP 20

Darbinė įtampa

180 – 253 V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Šviestuvo valdymas

Galimi DALI / 0 – 10 V / PWM

Darbinė temperatūra

Nuo -35° C iki +35° C


600mm – 1.2kg / 1,200mm – 2 kg / 1,500mm – 2.8kg


Anoduota arba balta (galimos ir kitos RAL spalvos)