SET of 10kW Solar Power Plant – Trina VertexS+N-type + Sofar Inverter

3,297.00 incl. VAT

Trina Solar and Sofar manufacturers are within the best TOP10 manufacturers in the world. Their equipment is reliable and its reliability proven over time.

The installation of the power plant is simple ant it can be DIY installed. We can provide advice regarding the installation and suggest a contractor for connecting the power plant to the ESO electrical network.

The solar power plant set consists of 22 units of Trina VertexS+ N dual glass 440W with black frame solar panels and 1 unit of Sofar 11KTL-X-G3 inverter.

Installation service price from 700€



Solar plant power 10kW
Inverter model 1x Sofar 11KTL-X-G3
Solar panel model 22x Trina VertexS+N dual glass NEG9R.28 440W  black frame
Inverter warranty 5-10 years
Solar panel warranty 25 years