18kW Heat Pump Inverter Air Water EVI SPLIT

3,749.79 incl. VAT

High efficiency air to water heat pump for designed to work at ultra low -25°C outdoor temperature.



Energy label ERP A++
Heating at A7/W30-W35  
  Heating capacity (min/max) 18.30 (8.70/20.30) kW
  Power input (min/max) 4.45(2.20/5.30) kW
  COP 4.11 W/W
Heating at A2/W30-W35  
  Heating capacity (min/max) 17.40 (7.20/19.0) kW
  Power input (min/max) 4.64 (3.87/5.25) kW
  COP 3.75 W/W
Heating at A-7/W30-W35
  Heating capacity (min/max) 14.77 (5.90/15.50) kW
  Power input (min/max) 4.90 (2.06/5.20) kW
  COP 3.02 W/W
Cooling at A35/W12-W7
  Cooling capacity (min/max) 14.00 (5.7/15.2) kW
  Power input (min/max) 4.95 (2.35/6.52) kW
  EER 2.83 W/W
Power supply 380-415 V / 50Hz 3 phase
Compressor type Hitachi EVI DC Inverter
Fan type Axial
Fan quantity 2
Refrigerant regulation Electronic (EEV)
Heat exchanger type SWEP Brazed plate
Outdoor operating temperature ‐25°C to 43°C
Sound level 58 dB(A)
Max heating water temperature 60°C
Max DHW temperature 55°C
Degree of protection IPX4
Net weight (outdoor unit) 130kg
Net weight (indoor unit) 23kg
Dimension (outdoor unit) 1165 x 470 x 1270mm
Dimension (indoor unit) 472 x 245 x 660mm