LONGI LR4-72HIH-445M MONO 445W Solar Panel

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Photovoltaic module with 144 mono-cells and 445 Wp nominal power. Glass-foil module with light anodized frame, white foil and EVO2 plug. Technical data according to current data sheet, summary: LxWxH: 2094x1038x35 mm and weight: 23,5 kg, Umpp: 41,30V, Impp: 10,78 A, Uoc: 49,10 V, Isc: 11,53 A, Umax: 1500 V, TKUoc: -0,27 %/K. Warranty according to LONGi Solar warranty conditions and our terms of delivery and payment.

Cell production that takes performance to a new level: LONGi, the world’s largest wafer manufacturer for monocrystalline cells and wafer supplier for other well-known manufacturers in the industry. LONGi focuses on product research and development. Thus the manufacturer always brings the latest technologies to the market. Excellent solutions for low power generation costs make LONGi solar panels particularly profitable. High performance! LONGi sets efficiency records and achieves excellent performance even in low sunlight or harsh conditions, e.g. in coastal regions or agricultural operations.


Cell technology Monocrystal
Number of elements 6
Max operating voltage 41.7 V
Open chain voltage 49.5 V
MPP current 10.92 A
Short current 11.6 A
Power error margin 0
Module efficiency (STC) 20.9 %
Dimensions 2,094 x 1,038 x 35 mm
Weight 23.5 kg
Frame color Silver
Cable length 1,400 mm
Number of bypass diodes 3
Warranty 10 years
Power degradation after 25 years 15.2%
Model LONGI LR4-72HIH-445M MONO 445W


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