Ledil STRADA 2×2 DWC Lęšis

1.35 be PVM

Universal road lighting beam with excellent mixed illuminance and luminance uniformity. Typically IESNA Type III Medium.

The most versatile modular product family especially designed for street lighting, but also suitable for wide range of other applications. The use of PMMA material provides high efficiency and a never yellowing state which ensures the lense longevity. This lense is suitable for up to 5050 size LED packages.




Application Medium pole distances, Narrow streets, Moderate street width, Asymm. street lighting, Pedestrian walkways, Europe specific lighting
Efficiency 94 %
LED package Up to 5050
Material PMMA
Dimensions 50 x 50 mm
Lense height 6.0 mm
Manufacturer Ledil
Article number C12362_STRADA-2X2-DWC