OMEGA M LED Prožektorius RGB RGBW su lešiais 80W (4×80)

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This 4x80W RGB RGBW LED Floodlight is designed for architectural, wall washing and spot lighting. It uses high quality components like Osram ceramic package LED’s, Tridonic LED drivers, and a variety of market leading LEDIL lenses which together with the optional wireless Zigbee or Bluetooth controller provides limitless applications. Each of the 4 color channels can be controlled individually. The toolless housing design allows for easy installation and maintenance.

LED’s and Lenses

OMEGA M high end floodlight uses Osram LED chips with a ceramic package, which are manufactured especially for outdoor use and ensures the longevity and no color shifting over long periods of use. Furthermore, the luminaire uses market leading LEDIL Strada and Stradella lenses which provide higher efficacy and allows users to select the lighting pattern which is most suitable for a specific setting. The lenses are made from PMMA material, this ensures that the lenses do not yellow over time.

LED Driver and Housing

The luminaire uses high quality Tridonic LED drivers and has a toolless housing design which allows users to open the LED driver compartment without any tools for easier installation and maintenance.

Luminaire control

The optional integrated smart controller offers limitless applications since the luminaire can be controller via wired DALI interface or wirelessly via Bluetooth or Zigbee mesh networks. The luminaire can be integrated into smart-home or other lighting control software, which extends the application to the limit of users’ imagination.


  • RGB and RGBW lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Wall washing
  • Smart lighting

Išankstinis užsakymas

Produkto kodas: MF-FL-RGBW-080 Kategorija:

Papildoma informacija

Maksimali galia

Bendras 80W (R – 80W, Ž – 80W, M – 80W, B – 80W)

Šviesos srautas

R – 3,300 lm, Ž – 4,619 lm, M – 2,069 lm, B – 8,390 lm

Šviestuvo efektyvumas

R – 53.5 lm/W, Ž – 72.6 lm/W, M – 32.5 lm/W, B – 104 lm/W

Šviesos spalva

Raudona, Žalia, Mėlyna, Balta

Tarnavimo laikotarpis

100,000 h (L90B10)

Apsaugos nuo aplinkos poveiklio klasė

≥ IP 66

Atsparumas smūgiams

≥ IK 08

Programavimo sąsajos

NFC, DALI, per maitinimo kabelį

Pritemdymas / Valdymas

Astro DIM, DALI, DALI-2 DT6, mainsDIM, (Galimas Bluetooth, ZigBee)

Papildomos funkcijos


Apsauga nuo viršįtampių

≥ 10 kV (naudojant DALI ≥ 6 kV)

Galios koeficientas


Darbinė įtampa

180 – 253 V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Darbinė temperatūra

Nuo -35° C iki +35° C


Pilka (Galimos kitos RAL spalvos)


8.9 kg


488 x 386 x 81 mm

Produkto kodas