Osram Duris S8 GW P9LR35.PM 4000K LED

The latest Duris® S 8 generation of LEDs offers an impressive efficacy performance combined with DLC Premium Lifetime achievement. This 5050 leadframe package offers customers a perfect solution for High Efficacy and Compact Luminaire designs for Outdoor Professional lighting; High-Bays, Streetlights, Area Lights, Flood Lights..

DURIS® S 8 is part of the revolutionary OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ Chip ARRAY SMD (CAS) consumer product line. This multi chip device family brings the well-known advantages of mid-power SMT package technology into the high luminous flux performance of devices. It allows completely new designs in the area of directional lights and retrofits as well as high luminous flux clusters.


  • Street lighting
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Path lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Horticulture Lighting
  • Low bay, high bay
  • Professional indoor retail lighting
  • Professional indoor museum lighting


Colour temperature 4,000 K
Colour rendering Index 70 CRI
Efficacy (@85°C, 180mA) 207 lm / W
Max lumen flux (@85°C, 800mA) 816 lm
Max current 800 mA
Max power 5 W
Voltage range 5.20 – 5.80 V
Viewing angle 120°
Operating temperature -40°C to +100°C
Package type Silver
Case size 5050
ESD withstand voltage 2kV (HBM Class 1C)
Surge current 1,200 mA
Application Street, Tunnel and Outdoor, High bay Industrial
Article number GW P9LR35.PM-M3M4-XX55-1



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