STELLA MINI LED Gatvių Šviestuvas Su Osram LED, Tridonic Maitinimo Šaltiniu 100W

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100W STELLA MINI LED street lumianire is a high end up to 160lm/W product designed for street, pedestrian crossing, pedestrian walkway and bicycle lane lighting. It uses high quality components like Osram ceramic package LED’s, Tridonic LED drivers, and a variety of market leading LEDIL lenses. The possibility to mix over 40 different lenses allows to select an appropriate lighting pattern for any street, especially when it has to be installed and adapted to old poles. Due to exceptionally precise lenses, the power required to illuminate various streets is significantly lower, which further combined with efficient LEDs and dimming features makes the luminaire very efficient and the electricity consumption can be lowered up to 5 times when compared to conventional HPS lamps. A luminaire version with a NEMA socket is available, enabling the luminaire to be integrated into smart city lighting control systems, when used with additional lighting controllers. STELLA MINI luminaires are ENEC certified and their production is audited by an ENEC laboratory on a yearly basis.

LED’s and Lenses

STELLA MINI LED Street light uses Osram LED chips with a ceramic package, which are manufactured especially for outdoor use and ensure the longevity and no color shifting over long periods of use. Furthermore, the luminaire uses market leading LEDIL Strada and Stradella lenses which provide higher efficacy and allows users to select the lighting pattern which is most suitable for a specific setting. The lenses are made from PMMA material, this ensures that the lenses do not yellow over time.

LED Driver and Housing

The luminaire uses high quality Tridonic LED drivers and has a toolless housing design which allows users to open the LED driver compartment without any tools for easier installation and maintenance. Furthermore the universal mounting arm enables the luminaire to be installed directly onto poles for area and parking lot lighting.

Luminaire control

A smart city controller can be connected to the optional NEMA socket of the luminaire. When paired with a smart city control system, further energy savings can be gained. Also the system further provides comprehensive monitoring and control features. The luminaires can also be manufactured with an optional integrated controller which offers limitless applications since the luminaire can be controller via wired DALI interface or wirelessly via Bluetooth or Zigbee mesh networks. The luminaire can be integrated into smart-home or other lighting control software, which extends the application to the limit of users’ imagination.


  • Street lighting
  • Highway, motorway lighting
  • Wet road lighting
  • Pedestrian crossing lighting
  • Pedestrian walkways and bicycle lane lighting
  • Area lighting
  • Parking lot lighting

Išankstinis užsakymas

Papildoma informacija



Šviesos srautas

2,430 – 13,500lm

Šviestuvo efektyvumas


Spalvos temperatūra

4,000 K (Galimi 2,700 K / 3,000 K / 5,000 K / 5,700 K / 6,500 K)

Spalvų atgavimo indeksas (CRI)

70 (Galimi 80 / 90)

Tarnavimo laikotarpis

100,000 h (L90B10)

Apsaugos nuo aplinkos poveiklio klasė

IP66 (Galimas IP67)

Atsparumas smūgiams

IK08 (Galimas IK09)

Programavimo sąsajos

NFC, DALI, per maitinimo kabelį

Pritemdymas / Valdymas

Astro DIM, DALI, DALI-2 DT6, mainsDIM, (Galimas Bluetooth, ZigBee)

Papildomos funkcijos


Apsauga nuo viršįtampių

≥ 10 kV (naudojant DALI ≥ 6 kV)

Galios koeficientas


Darbinė įtampa

180 – 253 V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Elektrosaugos klasė

I (Galima II)

Darbinė temperatūra

Nuo -35° C iki +35° C

Tvirtinimo diametras

Nuo 48 iki 60 mm


5.6 kg


Pilka (Galimos kitos RAL spalvos)



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