VEGA LED Aukštų Lubų Šviestuvas IP66 Hermetiškas Su Lęšiais 85W


Product overview
VEGA LED High Bay Luminaire IP66 Waterproof With Lenses 85W is a high end 185lm/W product with Samsung LEDs desiged for high ceiling, warehouse, workshop, logistics center and office lighting. This luminaire uses LEDIL Victoria-IP lenses which together with an optional wireless Zigbee or Bluetooth remote controller provides limitless applications and integration with smart lighting applications. Tunable white and horticulture versions available.

LED’s and Lenses
VEGA high bay luminaire uses Samsung LED chips which provide exceptional efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, the luminaire uses market leading LEDIL Victoria lenses which further complements the higher efficacy of the luminaire and allows users to select the lighting pattern which is most suitable for a specific setting. The lenses are made from PMMA material, which ensures that the lenses do not yellow over time.

LED Driver and Housing
The luminaire can be used either with a mounted round shape LED driver or with an external LED driver which together with the slim housing design add to the overall pleasant look of the luminaire, enabling it to be installed not only in industrial premises but also in office, school or hall lighting settings. The luminaire is mounted with suspension cables on to the ceiling.

Luminaire control
The optional smart controller offers limitless applications since the luminaire can be controller via wired DALI interface or wirelessly via Bluetooth or Zigbee mesh networks. The luminaire can be integrated into smart-home or other lighting control software, which extends the application to the limit of users’ imagination.

Emergency lighting
When paired together with the Tridonic Emergency Module Kit the luminaire can be used as an emergency light.

Product applications

  • Warehouse lighting
  • High ceiling lighting
  • Workshop lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Logistics center lighting
  • Shop isle lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Office lighting

Išankstinis užsakymas

Produkto kodas: MF-HB-100 Kategorija:

Papildoma informacija


15 – 85 W

Šviesos srautas

2,986 – 14,675 W

Efektyvymas esant 50% galiai


Spalvos temperatūra

4,000 K (Galimi 2,700 K / 3,000 K / 5,000 K / 5,700 K / 6,500 K)

Spalvų atgavimo indeksas (CRI)

80 (Galimi 70 / 90)

Lęšių tipai

60° / 90°

LEDIL lęšiai


Šviestuvo valdymas

Priklauso nuo maitinimo šaltinio (DALI / Bluetooth / ZigBee / ready2mains / mainsDIM)

Tarnavimo laikotarpis

100,000 h (L90B10)

Apsaugos nuo aplinkos poveiklio klasė

≥ IP 66

Darbinė įtampa

180 – 253 V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Darbinė temperatūra

Nuo -35° C iki +35° C

Elektrosaugos klasė

I (Galimos II / III)


2,7 kg


Balta / Juoda (galimos ir kitos RAL spalvos)



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