Tridonic EM powerLED BASIC FX SC LiFePO4 32 W + ACCU-LiFePO4 1.5Ah 1A CON Emergency Module Kit

Product description
Combined emergency LED Driver for manual testing
For self-contained emergency lighting
Can be either used build-in or independent with clip-on strain-relief (see accessory)
Max. output power 32 W
Nominal life-time up to 100,000 h
5-year guarantee

Adjustable output current between 350 and 700 mA via I-SELECT 2 plugs
Protective features (overtemperature, short-circuit, overload, no-load, input voltage range)
Suitable for emergency escape lighting systems acc. to EN 50172
Constant power output in emergency mode

Battery management
Intelligent charge system
Deep discharge protection
Temperature protection
Polarity reversal protection for battery provided by 3-pole connector

1.5Ah Lithium Iron Battery with Tridonic LiFeGuard
3.2V Voltage per cell
Overcharge-/Overdischarge protection
Ensures safety in use
Up to 8-year design life
3-year guarantee
Electronic thermal battery management
Environmental friendly technology
High energy density
Low profile cross-section with removable end caps
Constant high-temperature operation
Good charging properties at high temperature
High energy maintenance of the charged battery
Long shelf life
Integrated electronics
Safety features incorporated
Certified quality manufacturer
In various configurations
Simple connection with plug-in system
With polycarbonate fixing caps
Suitable for emergency lighting equipment as per IEC 60598-2-22



Emergency module specifications

Manufacturer Tridonic
Max DC power 32 W
Adjustable output current 350 / 400 / 450 / 500 / 550 / 600 / 650 / 700 mA
Output voltage range 15 – 50 V
Efficiency 84 %
AC voltage range 198 -264 V
Life time Up to 100,000 h
Dimming interface N/A
Programming interface N/A
Protection IP20
Electrical safety class I, II
Surge protection L-N 1.2kV, L/N – PE 2.4kV
Power factor (@ 230 V, 50Hz, full load) 0.95
In-rush current (peak / duration) 4 A / 260μ
THD (@ 230 V, 50Hz, full load) < 14 %
Output current tolerance ± 5%
Max. peak output current (non-repetitive) 35 %
Output LF current ripple (flicker) ± 5 %
Dimensions L x W x H 115 x 43 x 30 mm
Weight 0.115 kg
Certification ENEC, CE, EAC, RoHS
Warranty 5 years
Article number 89800687

Battery specifications

Manufacturer Tridonic
Battery capacity per cell 1.5 Ah
Battery voltage per cell 3.2 V
Battery type Lithium Iron
Min. battery casing temp. (design life of 4 – 8 years) +5° C
Dimensions 94 x 22 x 24.0 mm
Weight 0.064 kg
Product code 28002317