Tridonic LED Driver LCO 200W 200–1050mA 355V o4a NFC C EXC3

Product description
Dimmable built-in constant current LED Driver
Dimming range 5 – 100 % (min. 10 mA)
Temperature protection as per EN 61347-2-13 C5e
Output current adjustable between 200 – 1,050 mA via NFC, DALI or ready2mains Programmer
Max. output power 200 W
Up to 94.5 % efficiency
Lowest power input on stand-by < 0.16 W
Nominal life-time of 100,000 h and 8-year guarantee

Near field communication (NFC)
one4all (DALI-2 DT 6, DSI, switchDIM, corridorFUNCTION)
ready2mains (configuration via mains)
U6Me2 (configuration of chronoSTEP 2 via mains)
Terminal blocks: 45° / 0° push terminals

Adjustable output current in 1-mA-steps (NFC, DALI, ready2mains)
Programmable chronoSTEP: times and levels (NFC, DALI, U6Me2, ready2mains)
Dimming through mains voltage (inputDIM)
Enhanced constant light output function (eCLO)
Protective features (overtemperature, short-circuit, overload, no-load, input voltage range, reduced surge amplification)
Configurable external temperature management (ETM)
Intelligent Temperature Guard (ITG)
Intelligent Voltage Guard Plus (IVG+)
Suitable for emergency escape lighting systems acc. to EN 50172

Application-oriented operating window for maximum compatibility
Best energy savings due to low stand-by losses and high efficiency
Flexible configuration via NFC, DALI, ready2mains and U6Me2
In-field programming possible after installation with NFC interface and ready2mains
High overvoltage protection: up to 10 kV asymmetric (protection class I and II)

Typical applications
Road, street and industry



Manufacturer Tridonic
Max DC power 200 W
Output current range 200 – 1050 mA
Output voltage range 100 – 355 V
Efficiency 94.5 %
AC voltage range 198 -264 V
Dimming range 5 – 100 % (min. 10mA)
Life time Up to 100,000 h
Dimming interface Astro DIM, DALI, DALI-2 DT6, inputDIM
Programming interface NFC, DALI, ready2mains
Protection IP20
Electrical safety class I, II
Thermal protection NTC
Surge protection L-N 6kV/3kA, L/N – PE 6kV, L/N-PE without DALI 8kV
Insulation Selv
Features CLO, ETM, U6Me2, corridorFUNCTION
Power factor (@ 230 V, 50Hz, full load) 0.98
In-rush current (peak / duration) 80 A / 225μ
THD (@ 230 V, 50Hz, full load) < 8 %
Output current tolerance ± 3%
Max. peak output current (non-repetitive) ≤ output current + 15 %
Output LF current ripple < 120 Hz (flicker) ± 5 %
Dimensions L x W x H 170 x 100 x 40 mm
Weight 0.981 kg
Certification ENEC, CE, EAC, RoHS
Warranty 8 years
Article number 87500711



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