Trina Vertex S+N-type dual glass NEG9R.28 440W Solar Panel Black Frame

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The upgraded Vertex S+ series modules feature excellent product performance along with innovative and design-inspired aesthetics. Design options include the all-black appearance, to match different architectural styles and application scenarios.

Vertex S+ is perfectly designed to fulfill specific requirements for rooftop application, such as power, efficiency, appearance, mechanical load, handling, and reliability. This module will provide the best balance of power, size and weight.


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Cell technology Monocrystal – N-type
Number of cells 144
Max operating voltage 43.6 V
Open chain voltage 51.8 V
MPP current  9.99A
Short current 10.64 A
Power error margin 0
Module efficiency (STC) 21.8 %
Dimensions 1762 mm x 1134 mm x 30 mm
Weight 21.1 kg
Frame color Black
Cable length 1,100 mm
Number of bypass diodes 3
Warranty 25 years
Power degradation after 30 years 11%
Model TSM-NEG9R.28