VEGA LED Grow Horticulture Light 4 Channels 85W

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Product overview

MAXFlux VEGA LED 85W full spectrum Grow luminaire is a high end 4 channel product designed for use in top horticulture lighting. It uses high quality components like Osram ceramic package LED’s, Tridonic LED drivers, and market leading LEDIL lenses. The possibility to control each of the 4 color (Far Red, Hyper Red, Deep Blue and White) channels independently via together with a selection of 2 different LEDIL lenses makes this luminaire universal, since it can be adapted to any shelf height and can be used for all plant grow stages like propagation, grow, flowering or fruiting. It is ideal for growing  micro greens, lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. The luminaire can be used as a sole or complimentary light source.

LED’s and Lenses

VEGA Grow luminaire uses high quality horticulture Osram LED chips with ceramic packages which are manufactured especially for damp environments and ensures the longevity and no color shifting over long periods of use. Furthermore, the luminaire uses market leading LEDIL Victoria lenses which provide higher efficacy and allows users to adapt the luminaire to any shelft height. The lenses are made from PMMA material, this ensures that the lenses do not yellow over time.

Plant sensitivity to light colors

Plants have a completely different sensitivity to light colors. Contrary to other lighting applications which are made for humans and valued in luxes, plants consume light and need photons for photosynthesis. The amount and ratio of different wavelengths from the light determine how, and how fast, plants grow and produce crop. Regardless of different seasons or unstable weather today’s artificially created horticultural lighting can mimic any daylight integral and have stable, optimized growing conditions for each plant.


  • Greenhouses
  • Top horticulture lighting
  • Live stock farms

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Additional information



Photosynthetic Photon Flux


Luminaire Efficacy (PPF)

2.05 μmol/J

Light wavelengths

Deep Blue (450 nm), Hyper Red (660 nm), Far Red (730 nm), White (4000 K)

Number of channels

Up to 4

Illumination source

Sole / Supplemental

Grow stages

Propagation / Grow / Flowering / Fruiting

Rated life time

100,000h (L90B10)

Lense types

60° / 90°

Protection level

≥ IP 67

Operating voltage

180 – 253V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Luminaire control

Optional DALI / 0 – 10 V / PWM

Operating temperature

-35°C to +35°C




White / Black (Other select RAL color)