260l boiler water heater for heat pumps stainless steel

591.69 incl. VAT

260 liter water heater (boiler) with stainless steel tank and double sized (3m2) stainless steel heat exchanger, which ensures fast and economical water heating. The water tank, connectors, heating element, and heat exchanger are made of stainless steel, therefore the water heater should ensure maximum operating longevity.

The contents include 3kW electrical heating element, a non- return valve, magnesium anode (to prevent lime accumulation).

Warranty 24 months.



Volume 260 l
Heating element 3kW (Electrical)
Heat exchanger surface area 3 sqr. meters
Inlet diameter 1”
Tank material Stainless steel
Heat exchanger material Stainless steel
Color Gold
Mounting type Standing
Dimensions 560 x 1540cm
Weight 49kg