ATLAS LED Linear Light Low Glare With Lenses 26-65W

Product Overview
ATLAS LED linear luminaire 26-65W with low ugr lenses is a high end 185lm/W product with Samsung LEDs designed for office, shop shelf illumination and wall washing. The luminaire can be manufactured with any of the 3 different market leading LEDIL Florence-1R-GC lenses which together with an optional wireless Zigbee or Bluetooth remote controller provides limitless applications and integration with smart home applications. ATLAS luminaire comes with an integrated power supply.

Product features
Low glare (UGR)
Integrated power supply
High luminous flux from a small form factor.
Uses market leading Samsung LEDs.
System efficacy up to 185lm/W.
Available luminaire lengths –  600mm, 1,200mm, 1,500mm.
Optional Zigbee or bluetooth controller for integration with smart home applications.
The luminaires can be mounted with suspensions cables, magnets or directly mounted on to the ceiling.
Can be used for emergency lighting with Tridonic Emergency Module Kit.

Product applications:

  • Office lighting
  • Wall grazing
  • Shop shelf lighting
  • Shop isle lighting
  • Smart home lighting
  • Emergency lighting

Additional information


600mm / 1,200mm / 1,500mm


26 W / 52 W / 65 W

Luminous flux

4,447lm / 8,895lm / 11,119lm

System efficacy @ 50% power


Lense types

60° / 90° / Single Shelf & Wall Washer

LEDIL Lenses

F15685_FLORENCE-1R-GC-ZT25 / F15684_FLORENCE-1R-GC-Z60 / F15216_FLORENCE-1R-GC-Z90

Color temperature

4,000K (Optional 2,700K / 3,000K / 5,000K / 5,700K / 6,500K)

Color rendering index (CRI)

80 (Optional 70 / 90)

Luminaire control

DALI / ready2mains (Optional Bluetooth / ZigBee)

Rated life time

100,000h (L90B10)

Protection level

IP 20

Operating voltage

198 – 264V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Power factor


Operating temperature

-35°C to +35°C


600mm – 1.2kg / 1,200mm – 2kg / 1,500mm – 2.8kg


Anodized or white (other RAL colors available)